December Diary – 15 Things I love about December

Hello guys! 
 It’s almost midnight and I’m still studying. 4 reports has be done so I’m pretty stressed. I haven’t been able to edit any videos so that will have to wait till the weekend. I might have some time to edit in the weekend I think. 
Today let’s talk about things I love about December and Christmas!

15 things I love about December

1. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshallows
2. Hot tea
3.  Christmas trees
4. Candles and lights
5. Christmas decorations
6. AdventCalender
7. Havregrynskugler(Oatmealballs)
8. Marcipanbolde(Marzipanballs)
9. Gingerbread
10. Christmas food in general 
11. Christmas music
12. Family and friends gathering together. 
13. Christmas eve
14. It’s all about giving in December
15. The last month of the year which makes it a little bit more special itself

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 photo IMG_5722_zpsof0re0hs.jpg
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