Breakfast by Sis

Hello guys!
So lately my sister has made us this delicious breakfast that I thought I would share with you guys cause it’s gooooood! and simple and easy as well:

– Toast
– Milk
– Cornflakes
– Egg
– Vanila
– Cinnamon
– Salt
– Syrup
– Powdered sugar

It’s a cornflakes french toast that she saw on the youtube channel Tasty.
So you mix the eggs with the milk, vanilla, cinnamon and salt. Then you take your bread and put it into your mix (both sides). After that you put your toast/bread in the cornflakes, and make it stick to your bread (both sides again). Then you put it on the pan with butter.
At last your add syrup to your toast and then add your berries and powdered sugar! I tell you guys it’s delicious!


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