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Hi guys! :D

As I mentioned in the previous post: I’m going on vacation next week, so I’m probably gonna take a break from the blog unless I am able to update the blog over there! ^_^ But before going on a vacation I just realized it’s a loooong time since I’ve made a “life update”. So much has been going on so I haven’t made the time to update you on my life and I didn’t take enough photos to make specific posts about the different occasions, since I kinda tried to be in the moment instead of being stuck with the camera ^_^ <3

Let me share some moments; The photos are taken on the phone btw ^^ <3

Even though I’ve got summer holiday.. I still have work. I kinda have to work all most the whole summer except the next two weeks that I’m on vacation. So these are just my work-kinda-days; eating, drawing, selfies, chilling with a friend <3, , blogging, watching series and of course working:

Billede 01-07-2016 10.16.23

One of my close friends got married last week! So we throw her a bachelorretteparty, and then I got only two photos from the wedding, because I didn’t have time to take photos on the day. She looked stunning btw <3! ^_^

Then one of my other close friend turned 25, which we celebrated with cinnamon. I actually dont know if it’s a danish tradition, cause I’ve never heard of it other places than in Denmark but if you turn 25 and you’re still not married, we can throw cinnamon at the person turning 25 and “torturing” them a bit; So that we of course did :-P

Also Delany had birthday in June, so I went over to Copenhagen to celebrate her as well! <3 ^_^

Beside that I just finished off watching season 6 of the Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars just started. So yeah totally unnecessary random details.. So I guess I’m gonna stop here :-P

Billede 01-07-2016 10.17.34

I’m not done yet XD Omg! I watched Now You See Me 2! And I loved that movie! I do regret that I didn’t watch 1 before I went out to watch 2 though -.-‘ Cause I got home and watched Now You See Me 1 the other day.. and I kinda knew what would happen -.- so yeah: Dont do that! -.-‘

Billede 01-07-2016 10.18.37

Anyways guys..! That has been my life lately in June. Exams are done, Vacation started, still got work, going on holiday and yeah. Everything is good! ^_^ Now I’m gonna go to work, then go to my parents’ place and pack everything for our trip! :D *Excited!*

Take Care <3


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