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This weekend I had a date with a close friend of mine and it ended up being a blogging-work-kinda-day. We decided to fool around with each other’s makeup and do each other’s looks. This means I’ve tried new products, and learned some new techniques and I tried to work with taking photos. It was so exciting and I enjoyed every second of it! Today I’m going to share the black&white photos I got to take of my friend! Later I’ll be sharing the products we’ve used AND I’ll show you the look she did on me and her products as well! :) Hope you like it!

 photo DSC01244_zpsqmz8dref.jpg

 photo DSC01248_zpsan1fohjb.jpg

 photo DSC01253_zpsqipbod1z.jpg

 photo DSC01255_zpssqgvoi1z.jpg

 photo DSC01256_zpsyoify60d.jpg

 photo DSC01258_zpsybm4gp0q.jpg

 photo DSC01270_zpsmsax2bxx.jpg

 photo DSC01278_zpsaqgmgsl4.jpg

 photo DSC01280_zpsmxehxafe.jpg

 photo DSC01277_zpsruuegwgj.jpg

 photo DSC01276_zps0iuh0em9.jpg

 photo DSC01273_zpsgtkalbol.jpg

 photo DSC01261_zpsiiwdfbpr.jpg

 photo DSC01309_zpsntfaet9c.jpg

 photo DSC01295_zpslkjsr2af.jpg

 photo DSC01492_zps6eptv3vt.jpg

 photo DSC01494_zpsw0borqna.jpg

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