Berlin Part 3 – Food Food Food

Hello guys! 
This day was kinda all about food actually. We went to buy “Gemüse Kebab” and at this place there were just a lot of different food so everyone was walking around buying different food from Curry Wurst to Pizza to Sushi and I was standing there in line for “gemüse kebab” for about an hour or more. I’ve never in my life waited this long in life for food on the street guys xD *just saying!* and you know what the sad part was? I didn’t really like my food and I was so determined to stand there without looking around because I thought it would be worth it. Actually it was a fun experience but the food wasn’t that good as I hoped :P
Let me show you some photos from the day: 

 photo IMG_1098_zpsps8nnzgv.jpg
 photo IMG_1105_zps5i9oocim.jpg
 photo IMG_1111_zpse4wndu0j.jpg
 photo IMG_1114_zpsjihdjsra.jpg
 photo IMG_1120_zpsqgigu5bd.jpg
 photo IMG_1125_zpskw0o2gg8.jpg
 photo IMG_1130_zpssjwka299.jpg
 photo IMG_1141_zpsenrdfdak.jpg

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