Berlin – Air Balloon

Hello guys!
O-m-g! So in Berlin we got to try an air balloon (Thanks to Abi! It was her idea!! <3). I’ve never tried that before and also throughout the years I’ve got more and more scared of heights (dont know why). So at first it was kinda uncomfortable but I’m so happy we tried it cause the view was so beautiful! It was such an amazing experience even though I was a little scared! ^_^
 photo IMG_1293_zpsjoahnkc6.jpg photo IMG_1285_zpsbdppbrfy.jpg
 photo IMG_1289_zpsosj4a1dq.jpg
 photo IMG_1291_zpslure0abx.jpg

 photo IMG_1298_zpskmercxhw.jpg
 photo IMG_1301_zps1mcjzlog.jpg
 photo IMG_1302_zpsycgm3rfl.jpg
 photo IMG_1304_zpsvqhf7yw4.jpg
 photo IMG_1305_zpsgcnizxui.jpg
 photo IMG_1313_zps16c2zpnd.jpg
 photo IMG_1326_zpstvoaatha.jpg
 photo IMG_1327_zps0umrurjj.jpg

 photo IMG_1275_zpsoo0kpqo2.jpg

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