Perfectly Imperfect

Hi Everyone! ^_^

I’m sorry for my absence lately guys. I’m still sick and I’ve been to the doctor a few times now so I haven’t been able to work on much blogging because I have no energy and I need to get some study-stuff done meanwhile being sick -_-‘

BUT for some days ago even though I haven’t been feeling well I went to a marketplace with a friend to get some fresh air and chill since it’s also bad to just stay home being sick or being stressed out with studies. And I gotta say it was one of the best thing I’ve done for myself for a long time. I felt like a kid again xD It was so cosy and I got to relax and I loved looking at different stuff at the marketplace. I didn’t get to buy EVERYTHING that I wanted BUT I did buy a few stuff and then I also have some pictures for yooou…! :D <3

I got to buy a stone that looks like a diamond. It is so magical and let me be honest: One of the reason I REALLY wanted this stone is because I saw a youtube video by Michelle Phan a few months ago where she talked about being confident, being different and uniqe and beautiful in our own way and then she showed this stone in the video as an example. Every stone has its own look, shape and edge. And she said it’s perfectly imperfect like us. I loooove the way she expressed herself and then I had to buy it to remind myself that it’s okay not to be perfect and that we are all different in our own way and that’s a beautiful thing:

Billede 19-05-15 20.23.17

Billede 19-05-15 20.23.29

Billede 19-05-15 20.23.31

And of course after that little experience I had to buy some more motivational stuff, so I bought this cute sign that reminds us all of sharing love and kindness: Billede 19-05-15 20.22.35

Anyways these are the only things I got to buy… Then I won this cute Hello Kitty:

Billede 19-05-15 20.24.47

Pictures from the day:

Billede 14-05-15 17.32.02

Billede 14-05-15 17.31.59

Billede 14-05-15 17.31.52

Billede 14-05-15 17.31.38

Billede 14-05-15 15.52.50

Billede 14-05-15 15.52.52

Billede 14-05-15 15.55.13

Billede 14-05-15 15.52.47

Billede 14-05-15 15.48.10

Billede 14-05-15 15.48.04

Billede 14-05-15 15.48.02

Billede 14-05-15 15.37.00I had a great day and that was exactly what I needed after just staying in bed for days -_- !

Before we call it a day let me show you the video I was talking about with Michelle Phan:

Hope you all are doing good and take care! <3 ^_^




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