Beauty Review: Benefit Highlighter

Hello Everyone!

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I will be reviewing my very first benefit product and here it is ^_^ !! When I went to London for about a month ago, I went to benefit for the first time ever, and I had to buy something just for the sake that I was there! I ended up buying a highlighter and OMG I have no regrets! This is one of my must makeup products at the moment! It gives your skin an amazing glow and it is so easy to work with. If you love highlighting, this is definitely one I would recommend for you guys. It’s easy and amazing and lasts long as well!

 photo IMG_9868_zpsc6t6td7d.jpg

On top you can see the highligher and below is a “brush” kinda thing you can smudge the highlighter with. I love the highligher but I’m not a big fan of the “smudge-thingy”, mostly because I prefer doing it with my fingers than the “brush”. I think it’s easier to work with the highlighting with the fingers  :)

 photo IMG_9864_zps6kqoyril.jpg
 photo IMG_9870_zpsxsf40kau.jpg 

 photo IMG_9829_zpsmchwdb0k.jpg

 photo IMG_9815_zps4patfyqa.jpg

 photo IMG_9802_zpsqd14bura.jpg

 photo IMG_9809_zpsxcaz4aqu.jpg

 photo IMG_9768_zpsda6tgsq9.jpg

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