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Hello guys! <3

So I’ve got a random beauty look to share with you guys today ^_^ It’s actually very simple. Nothing too much over the top or anything ^_^ Let me show you:

 photo IMG_7831_zpsnuwfuyjq.jpg

For my foundation lately I mix two MAC foundations. NC45 and NC42. NC45 is a little too dark while NC42 is a little too bright for my skintone, so I just mix them. There is a NC44 in between these which I also use at times, but it also matches my skintone the best when I mix it it NC42 ^_^
 photo IMG_7834_zpshu8jcvep.jpg
For my lips, I’ve actually used 3 different rimmel Lipsticks! XD I started off with 48, and felt like it was too dark, so I added 105 and felt like it was too pink. I wasn’t satisfied so I added a nude color afterwards Rimmel 43! :)
 photo IMG_7839_zpsomzttjzl.jpg
One of my musts at the moment is highlighter! This one I used today is from MAC (All time fave!)
 photo IMG_7844_zps6zhhlzgy.jpg
Some more random shots: 
 photo IMG_7815_zpshmqqjfj8.jpg

 photo IMG_7814_zpsdfhazicx.jpg

 photo IMG_7883_zpsrfq6xfrm.jpg
 photo IMG_7899_zpsmrro3gz2.jpg

That’s it for today guys! Take Care <3


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