Brevity is Beautiful

Hi guys!
It’s a short study-break-kinda-post again :-P I just wanted to share a beauty look with you guys, which is kinda my go-to-look at the moment. It’s a quick foundation routine, lipstick, eyeshadow.. I kinda skipped mascara because I’m lazy and the look is just more natural this way I guess. And yeah.. as I told you guys before; I’m experimenting with photographing and I’m trying out different looks and shots as well ^_^ Let’s go: 
 photo Billede 27-05-2016 18.33.51_zpsdjfsht5z.jpg
 photo Billede 27-05-2016 18.39.02_zpsy3fobtfp.jpg
 photo Billede 27-05-2016 18.46.31_zps1azucmpv.jpg
 photo Billede 27-05-2016 18.46.59_zps3zs24kdp.jpg

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