Back Home!

Hi Everyone <3

I’m finally back home at my parents’ place. It’s been a long time since I’ve been home and I gotta admit it feels so good. I’ve missed being here <3 ^_^ So what have I been up to over here? Well today it’s my dad’s birthday! :D So we went out to celebrate and I got to chill with mom, dad and sissy! It’s so good to have some quality time with the family again <3 It felt like forever!

Anyways I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive and that I’m back at my parent’s place! :D I’m working on new updates for the blog as well guys! ^_^ I finally got vacation! And I’m doing my best to enjoy it to the fullest!! I’ve been looking forward for this vacation so I’m gonna make the best out of it! ^_^

Shots from todaaaay:

Eating lunch with Arthu & Thannu while planning our vacation:

2015-07-06 23.33.10

2015-07-06 23.33.49

2015-07-06 23.35.36

Some shopping with Arthu & Thannu:

2015-07-06 23.39.11

Out for dinner with mom, dad and sissy:

2015-07-06 23.39.50

Today’s outfit:

2015-07-06 23.41.06

2015-07-06 23.41.29


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