Asos: My Fave Picks

Whenever I have lectures and I can’t focus OR I just need to do something while listening to my lecture at uni I surf around on the internet and today it was finally time to check out ASOS. And I found a few pieces I really really like! ^_^

I’m not the skirt-kinda-type but these three looks are really pretty and who knows… maybe this summer I would try out something like these:


Love the color and simplicity image1xxl
A little flower-power-ish! I’m surprised that I actually like this skirt but it’s so pretty! <3


This one is more sporty-ish! <3 Love it! Now to a blue dress and jumpsuit. Love the color and I love that it’s just one-piece-looks ^_^ image4xxl-2  



Something sophisticated and black & white <3 have a look:


I’m not really a blazer type but LOOOVE this look. ^_^

And at last a sporty/Cozy Look: Love these Superdry pants! ^_^



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