A Sneak Peak Of My Life Lately: April

Hello guys!

It’s time for a little sneak peak of my life: Mostly what I do and eat beside studying and blogging :P Which means chilling with friends and family, eating & taking selfies this time :-P

April is already over. It’s soon May which means we have to finish off our semesterProject and start preparing for the exams in June. I’m pretty nervous. I dont feel like I’ve been studying hard enough for the exams so I need to get myself together >_< Let’s get to the pictures now:


2015-04-08 12.26.57

2015-04-09 22.09.08

No MakeUp:

2015-04-10 17.46.37

With Make-Up:2015-04-11 07.49.13 2015-04-11 07.49.18 2015-04-11 07.49.19-1

Omg! I went to Cinema with Arthu & Thannu to watch Fast&Furious! I gotta say it was amaziiing:2015-04-02 18.54.36 2015-04-02 18.54.37

2015-04-02 22.20.16

2015-04-02 22.21.46

Pancakes & Smoothie: I love pancakes! But I tell you guys.. this smoothie is definitely the worse one I have ever made in my life -_- uhgr!




With friends:

2015-04-05 20.46.08

2015-04-05 23.50.27-1

2015-04-05 23.50.27-3

2015-04-05 23.50.29-1

2015-04-05 23.50.32

2015-04-05 23.50.50

2015-04-06 01.26.50

2015-04-06 13.46.04

I was so excited about my phonecase matching the drink so we tried hard to take a good shot of it XD Have a look:

2015-04-06 13.42.05

2015-04-06 13.42.10

2015-04-06 13.42.13



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