We’ve All Changed

It is scary how things can change from one day to another. The people we used to talk to. The people we used to hang out with. The people we used to care about and spend time with. They are all gone. All strangers.

It’s scary. The way everything changes. The way we all change, the way you’ve changed, the way I’ve changed…

It scares me. I mean there were once a time where we all didn’t need to worry about us leaving one another. We would become friends, see the good in everything, appreciate the moments and just be happy. I miss those days…

But what I’m really grateful for while all these thoughts pass through my mind is… I’m happy for the ones who stayed and I’m happy for the ones who came into my life. I’m truly grateful. I cant wait to see who else we’ll all have to meet next…

2016-01-29 21.51.32-1


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