7 Reasons To Use A Primer

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Hello guys! 
I’ve always wondered about the benefits of using a primer and then Delany wrote a blogpost some time ago about why using a primer and I gotta say the girls is right! I’ve used primer ever since and I gotta admit it does make some differences and I thought I would sum up the reasons why you should wear  a primer.
If you want to know more about primers then check out Delany’s post by clicking here 

7 Reasons To Wear A Primer:

– Seals your pores: When you wear foundation it might sometimes be easy to see your pores. It depends on the size of your pores but with using a primer it will help seal the pores so the pores will be less visible.

– Your makeup lasts longer

– It softens your skin which makes your skin ready for your makeup and it gives the perfect base to apply makeup

– Your makeup looks smoother

– It evens your skintone and also brigtens up your skin

– Your skin will look more hydrated

– It’s a lot more easier to wear makeup after applying a primer and the final look will look much better and smoother.

– Reduced redness

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