5 Morning Essentials

Hello guys!
I’m just chilling at my parents’s place and I’m gonna leave to my own place in an hour so I thought I would share my morning essentials that I’ve been obsessed with lately. I’m trying out some new products and so far they are all working good :) Let me show you:

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01. Neutrogena moizterizer: This is my current daily morning moisturizer which is amazing. It feels so good one the skin and smells good and it hydrates your skin very well. Also the product is very affordable. 
02. Oblepikha Hand Cream: Omg I love this one. First of all the design of the packaging is beautiful: I love the design and colors but most importantly of course it hydrates my hands very well. The fact that I love about this cream is that it actually smells like bubblegum?! xD I looooove the smell! It’s very nourishing, no parabens and I just love everything about this hand creme :P
03. Sephora Luminizing booster: I’m trying out this serum that you either have to apply before moisturizing your skin or you can mix it with you foundation as well. It does make my skin a little extra hydrated and that is cool in this winter time but I’m not sure if it does a huge difference yet. I’m still giving the product a chance to figure out if I like it or not. Right now it’s just “there” but I can’t really feel any big difference on my skin or anything :)
04. RevítaLash: This one is interesting! It’s actually a conditioner for your eyelashes. It says that the serum will make your lashes stronger and longer. It says your lashes will look healthier and more “luxurious”. I just started trying it out so I can’t tell you guys if it’s working yet, but it’s one of my essentials that I use in the morning IF I don’t wear makeup and if that’s not the case then I’ll apply it at night before sleeping. 
05. Frog Prince Lipstick Queen: This lipstick is just a sample but I’m definitely going to buy this one! The lipstick is green BUT it transforms to a rosebud shade. It’s like magic :P The green shade reacts to your pH and the natural color of your lips and gives your lips a rose color. The shade is different for everyone compared to what your natural coloring is and your pH is. It keeps your lips hydrated, glossy and soft. The pink color looks natural and it stays for the longest time!
I just love the natural effect and color and it feels so moisturizing on my lips.

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An extra “essential” which is not a beauty-related-essential that is a part of my “morning-ritual” if you could say is listening to podcasts! I’ve been obsessed with listening to podcasts lately. Right now I’m listening to “Being Boss” which is about entrepreneurs, business, blogging, lifestyle, personal growth and a lot more. I just started so I can’t tell you much about it beside I love listening to it; It’s motivating, inspiring and just a great way to start of my morning in general! 

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