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Hello guys!
I just finished the book “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne. I’ve already shared my opinions on her previous book “The Secret” and just law of attraction in general in a video as well. Today I thought I would share my thoughts and make a short review about the book The Power without revealing too much of course. I try to keep the reviews “overall” so I won’t tell everything from the books.
It’s actually the third time I’m reading The Power. The first two times I didn’t finish it off and it didn’t quite catch my attention the first two times. I guess maybe it was because I wasn’t really in that kind of mindset to understand what the message from the book was. Primarily it did take me some time to finish off the book compared to The Secret, but I think it is because when I read these kind of books I really want to be in the right state of mind and take everything in to me the right way and sometimes it takes time, depending on how I’m feeling and how stressed I am with life etc. Since studying has been quite stressful lately it has been a challenge sometimes to practice law of attraction and gratitude. But I’m trying a little every day and I think that’s the most important part.. that I’m trying..

Anyways… What do I think about the book? I actually REALLY love it! So the message is pretty much the same from The Secret to The Power but yet with some differences. I feel like The Power is going more into depth about how to practice a positive mindset and how to attract good things into your life. The main message with the book is that the power is LOVE which we all have a lot of to ourselves and to the rest of the world. The book tells how to love everything and anything in life and it will come back to us. The more love we give to everything the more love we get back. If we behave in a negative way it is because we are lacking love. If we are just 51 % positive we will attract more positivity into our lives than negativity.
What I love about the book and also The Secret is that I can change my life to something better and extra ordinary. The choice is MINE. I somehow have the control over my life in a way. The only thing I need to do is appreciate life, be grateful and show love and also be in the moment. It makes me believe that it’s easy to live an amazing life. Just let go of all negativity and focus on only the good and give more love to everything and life will get better. I love it. I love how they wrote the book and the stories they tell in the book. I also love the way it is written. It’s very easy to understand and get through. One of my favorite parts in the book is the summary of each chapter that just repeats the main points and give an overall recap of the chapter. It is really good, since to practice positivity, gratitude, loving everything, attracting good things, I believe it’s important to hear and read the same things again and again until your mind is kind of reprogrammed to think that way automatically. I really enjoyed this book and learned a lot through the book. Also I feel motivated to be a better version of myself and stay positive and give love and love everything I have in life. Every time I read the book it makes me feel good about life and makes me realize how much I already have in life. It is definitely a book I would recommend. I think you can read The Power without reading The Secret but I would personally recommend to read The Secret first, since I feel like The Secret is a good introduction to the law of attraction :) It was an amazing experience reading this book and I’m probably gonna read this one again whenever I feel like I need it! :D


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