I’m Done

Hello guys!!!
Got some good news and I’m very excited and I still kinda cannot believe it: So yesterday I got my degree in Software Engineering: Cand.Polyt Software. Now I can officially call myself a Civil Engineer. Craaaaazy..!!
It still feels like unreal right now actually. I’m so happy and I feel really good. Now I have to search for a job and a new apartment though. It feels like a whole new chapter. I’m very excited! I haven’t been updating the blog regularly as I used to and there has been some Thursdays where I didn’t upload a video on YouTube either because I prioritized my thesis and I tell you guys: It was worth it! xD And I’m back now! I would love to work harder on the blog and youtube and create more content and I’m also excited for that too!
I’m still tired and exhausted though. I just feel like laying in bed and chill all day for the next few days. But I do have some plans the next few days but if I’m too exhausted I’ll replan and make sure to get some time for myself so I can recharge. I feel like I’ve used all my energy on the last exam. I really need some time to recharge again. Now to some pictures ^_^ <3


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