LifeLately // Easter Holiday

Hello guys ^_^

It is the first day of my easter holiday. I feel so motivated to do a bunch of things this week! :D First of all: I have to study and then also work at least 4-5 hours a day -.- so it’s gonna be a tough week but I’ll probably take one day of two off later this week IF I’m satisfied with how productive I am throughout the week :D

I’m working on some “healthy life style”-kinda things at the moment. It’s NOT a strict diet at all. I’m just trying to not eat a lot of junk food or drinking soda. Otherwise the plan is just to eat a lot more fruits and veggies than usual! ^_^ And of course working out! With that said… I AM gonna eat cake, dessert and chocolate if I feel for it :-P

It feels so good to have a week off from school and work. I’m back at my parents place, and it is GOOD. I’ve been working at my study job a lot lately. Other than that I’ve been working on a lot of blogging content for you guys and I’ve also been working out with my sister :D It feels so good to finally focus on my lifestyle. I feel like I have the time to get started now since it’s holiday. Now let me show you of some of the food I’ve been eating; both healthy and unhealthy :-P
 photo IMG_8409_zpsz6anejwh.jpg
 photo IMG_8422_zpskqh6egu5.jpg
 photo IMG_8413_zpsxjnv4x0o.jpg
 photo IMG_8437_zps3ppxbhy3.jpg
 photo IMG_8446_zpsiqgc8ct1.jpg
 photo IMG_8460_zpsbx4fja2s.jpg
 photo IMG_8468_zpsohn3qscg.jpg
 photo IMG_8490_zpszxybfube.jpg
 photo IMG_8596_zpsnwxqnccf.jpg
 photo IMG_8600_zps22ypytmk.jpg
 photo IMG_8602_zpsfkdojcon.jpg
 photo IMG_8603_zpst6wgitck.jpg
 photo IMG_8606_zpswuflnzht.jpg
 photo IMG_8612_zpsqaclmbff.jpg
 photo IMG_8608_zpsetvdu08n.jpg
 photo IMG_8616_zpsimhfiuge.jpg


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