“Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Jewelry” – Review on Jewelry by Kalai Creations

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Hey guys :)

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post due to my little cupcake business that is going surprisingly well! I will update you on that in a future post. Today I have something else planned for you!

I’ve been wanting to share this product for a while now. As you know I have a weak spot for Bollywood fashion. Several months back I stumbled over a Facebook page that created these beautiful handmade jewellery sets with silk-like thread in bright colours. I fell in love straight away and I’m sure the following pictures will show you why!

I had to order a little bit of everything so I would have something for most of my outfits. I ended up ordering 7 pairs of earrings and 12 sets of bangles for myself and a set of earrings and bangles for my little niece to wear on her first birthday.

The designer of these luxurious handmade must-have items for your Bollywood wardrobe is a young lady based in Trichy, India. The founder, Kalai, is probably one of the most customer friendly people I’ve ever interacted with. I had so many confusing requests and changes for my order but not once did she tell me it couldn’t be done. It was always: “No problem, mam.” I’ve been pleased with every single product she has made for me and I’ve been so excited to share it with you all. The prices are extremely favourable and there is no compromise with the quality. Let me introduce to you, Kalai Creations. Please go check out her Facebook page. You will not be disappointed.



 photo C7A0D801-162D-423E-97CF-39CD22467A87_zps4tlmfkal.jpg
Gold thread bangle set


 photo B6E68AE2-DD74-4704-99FF-2B71A319052B_zpsz7gvhdbm.jpg
Threaded bangle sets in different colors


 photo 0561ef83-c170-40ce-a3c5-b912ea61bca6_zpsl5itmlub.jpg
Threaded jhumkas in different colors with hoops or studs.


 photo FDA120AE-B8F1-4913-A2EC-BEF1F24E110E_zpsajvrb79z.jpg
Jewelry set for 1 year old baby girl matching her outfit – Designed by Kalai Creations.


 photo 0966F477-8662-475A-BE4C-08127EA671EE_zpsosktwnah.jpg
Close-up of earrings for for 1 year old baby girl matching her outfit.


 photo 8DAA28D2-8126-4698-9471-01372F0FE572_zpsn9kgo6cy.jpg
Threaded jewelry set matching the baby set for her beautiful mother.


 photo 88959A4C-BF95-4E6A-B320-427D45B3EC78_zpsczhnrkpq.jpg
Threaded bangles with stones and pearls.


 photo 526b3d06-5aa8-4c53-b429-1b258b9f0786_zpsdn1ubmex.jpg
Threaded black bangles with gold beads.


 photo 8E715D4D-8CC2-437B-BEA6-D166B19F8EAC_zpsqxvgnc2v.jpg
Threaded earrings with hoops and beads up close.


 photo 620A84E6-B84A-47E2-8F9F-3EFCD9F7EE0D_zpssitfrdsu.jpg
Threaded earrings with hoops and beads up close.

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