I binge watched ‘Never Have I Ever’

Hello guys!
O-m-g so this wasn’t the plan but I ended up watching Never Have I Ever, all 10 episodes on just one day and I loved it!
At the first two episodes I was like cool, this is ok fine.. but then I kept on watching and I just loved the series more and more for every episode! And when I was done I was like “noo I wanna watch more!”.
I love the storyline, humour and characters! Also being tamil myself it just makes it more fun, interesting and relateable to watch! There were a lot of things I could relate to from both Devi and Kamala.
First of all: It’s so cool to see a Sri Lankan Tamil girl doing awesome and omg Mindy Kaling has done such an awesome job! She’s cool!

I think the series brings up so many important topics in a very chill and funny way which I love. The topics that really caught me were:
– Mental health & Therapy: Just dealing with emotions
– Arranged Marriage & Love
– Keeping up with your image
– Oh them Aunties!
– Being too tamil or being too less tamil?! Too western, too not-western. Being embarrassed about your roots.

Okay let me try to elaborate on some of it: So one of the things I really loved was the whole mental health and therapy part. Mental health was not something we really talked much about at home, cause I guess it was seen like being “not normal” thing (which btw is not okay at all. I know). But I guess the older generation didn’t or don’t know better which I actually do understand thinking of where they come from (not in a bad way at all.. I get it) . Going to therapy has been seen as a really “wrong” thing or I think in our culture it is just not something that has been understood correctly maybe. But I love how mental health, taking care of yourself, dealing with your emotions and feelings plays a huge role. Also the characters portray it so well whether it’s sadness, anger or whatever! Love it!

I love how the series shows the “keeping up with your image”-thing. You have to live up to something to get validated in the tamil culture. It’s education, money, getting married etc. There is this part where they go to some event where the aunties talk about arranged marriage, high education, having a lot of money etc. like that’s what life is about. Life is not only about those kinda things and being in a specific way. We are all different and we all see and live life differently and have different values which is totally okay. And omg oh them auntiiiies! Bragging about their kids and competing about who is better. It’s so funny. I love how that was portrayed too. Haha xD

Another topic that got me in the series is the thing about being too cultural or being embarrassed about your culture and roots. I feel like today most people embrace their culture and roots. Back then when I was younger, I remember a lot of people being embarrassed about the culture and roots and took distance from it. It’s nice to see that everyone embrace it now and I hope it stays that way. I love how they portrayed Devi and Kamala as opposite regarding the culture and how they embrace their culture. I dont think one way is better than the others or one way of embracing is more “correct” that the other way. You have to find yourself in the cultures we live in. And it’s different from person to person like what resonates with us from our own culture and other cultures.
Anyways guys this was just like my overall thoughts on the series! Let me know what you guys think if you watched it! I would love to know! <3


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