Food & Productivity

Hello guys!
I have about two weeks to my deadline for my thesis and I’m kinda stressed and exhausted. At the same time I’m very motivated and excited too. It varies a lot actually :P I’m enjoying writing the thesis as much as I can. I feel like there’s still a long way to go and some times I kinda lack motivation but I guess it’s normal when you write on your thesis from about 9-10 till late at night -.-
I hope to finish off the thesis this week. Then I have one more week to read everything through and improve the thesis properly. That is the plan!
My sister has exam in about a week too, so we have been studying together lately. We sometimes just study at my place, and then there are days where we study at Uni and yesterday we decided to study in the city center. It was really nice to have some environment change. I really needed that. Also that meant some other interesting food as well xD We ate at BRØD for lunch and then for dinner we went to Storms Pakhus, Mr. Phan’s House. It has been some productive days and I’m trying my best to focus on almost only the thesis (beside food :P):


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