Cafe Riceteria

Hello guys!
Last friday I went to a cafe called Cafe Riceteria. I’ve seen this café a lot of times and I’ve always been wondering what they have to drink and eat. It’s actually a “store” and a café. I’ve been there once just to see what they have. The store is so colorfull and they have a lot decoration stuff, colorful interior kinda stuff and a lot of journaling stuff; notes book, planners etc. I love love love the store. I will one day do a haul just in that store! I love what they have. I feel like it’s different compared to the others stores here in Denmark.
Anyways, I for the first time tried something to eat and drink and it was so cosy and good. I ordered a delicious hot chocolate with wiped cream and marshmallows and then I ordered a “Rocky Road” which is a snack with nuts, marshmallows and dark chocolate and I tell you guys it was delicious. I’ll definitely go there again. The chocolate drink wasn’t anything extra ordinary. I mean it tastes like all other hot chocolates which is NOT a bad thing but I just want to let you know ;) But I love how colorful they are and how the cafe is in every single way. The snack on the other hand I’ve never tried before and it was so good. If you are a chocolate lover like me, you will definitely love the Rocky Road! I loved it! (They also have the Rocky Road in white witch white chocolate, with licorice, marshmallows and pistachios but I didn’t try it :P) 

 photo Billede 24-11-2017 18.32.08_zpsrh7rxzdq.jpg
 photo Billede 24-11-2017 18.33.36_zpsei4ilgke.jpg
 photo Billede 24-11-2017 18.31.48_zpsqulqs3jt.jpg
 photo Billede 24-11-2017 18.33.56_zpsfcquc3ud.jpg
 photo Billede 24-11-2017 18.32.14_zpscei2zywq.jpg
 photo Billede 24-11-2017 18.33.45_zpsczu4mb2d.jpg
 photo Billede 24-11-2017 18.32.00_zps98okg5r2.jpg
 photo Billede 24-11-2017 18.34.05_zpsdx2zg6o9.jpg
 photo Billede 24-11-2017 18.34.21_zps0kgikteb.jpg

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