Beauty Look + 4 “Go-To” Hairstyles

Hello guys!

As I’ve mentioned earlier on the blog, I’ve got another “session” of random simple hairstyles and a beauty look. These hairstyles is so simple and easy too, and more of what I prefer to do with my hair as the lazy person I am ;)

I am working on new hairstyles that’ll look a little bit more advanced, but this is what I do for now :)

 photo IMG_8935_zpsqlc10lyi.jpg
 photo IMG_8919_zpsbofybsju.jpg
 photo IMG_8921_zpsblzhfrgq.jpg
 photo IMG_8927_zpseq8m8ubq.jpg
At at last…
Cap (When you’re hair is REALLY messy and no hairstyles are working out for you):
 photo IMG_8890_zpsjmymkavs.jpg
 photo IMG_8895_zpsvkqklfbu.jpg
 photo IMG_8896_zpshvwqtryg.jpg
 photo IMG_8900_zpsweycd6xp.jpg
Take Care <3

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