Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world

Hello guys!

Get ready for a bunch of photos. I “tried my best” to keep it short with the photos, but it was kinda hard, also a lot of the photos could have been better, but wasn’t good enough to capture the moments with my camera :( But I tried my best to take some “acceptable” photos I guess. *Really need to work on my photographing skills -.-*.
Anyways… So we went to a safari trip in Botswana which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! It was such an amazing crazy unrealistic experience. It is “winter-time” in Botswana, so we weren’t sure if we were able to see all the animals, but we get to see a lot anyways! ^_^ It was crazy. At first before starting the trip I was a little scared cause you never know what could happen but during the trip I forgot my fears and just enjoyed the trip. It was a little cold but it was worth it! It was not only amazing to see the animals but also the nature itself :D Anyways let’s get to pictures cause there are a lot:

 photo SAM_2339_zpsx6gmmrq4.jpg
 photo SAM_2340_zpsbag8l3dn.jpg
 photo SAM_2361_zpsegrfo6kk.jpg
 photo SAM_2370_zpsskptqdza.jpg
 photo SAM_2375_zpskkpzochu.jpg
 photo SAM_2379_zpsbogwckor.jpg
 photo SAM_2381_zpsqy2eqwd8.jpg
 photo SAM_2384_zps1gksuhiu.jpg
 photo SAM_2390_zpsrapjmci8.jpg
 photo SAM_2421_zps7q72z12q.jpg
 photo SAM_2424_zpswanqvj7p.jpg
 photo SAM_2438_zpssgrlb4dt.jpg
 photo SAM_2439_zps2du7uw3v.jpg
 photo SAM_2456_zpsdmuifoxk.jpg
 photo SAM_2461_zpsj5ofuqhn.jpg
 photo SAM_2468_zps65o7w3wc.jpg
 photo SAM_2472_zpstxzzxcdd.jpg
 photo SAM_2477_zpsrhj78pt1.jpg
 photo SAM_2489_zps32yu2qew.jpg
 photo SAM_2499_zps3q9hidqx.jpg
 photo SAM_2508_zpsnc3l55xp.jpg
 photo SAM_2511_zpshjsya2z2.jpg
 photo SAM_2518_zpswxcl7cac.jpg
 photo SAM_2524_zpsk8ovk8yh.jpg
 photo SAM_2279_zpswf5gpuqe.jpg
 photo SAM_2289_zpsuid0kn6n.jpg
 photo SAM_2297_zpsubz5jxls.jpg
 photo SAM_2321_zpst9j1jyml.jpg

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