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Hello guys!

About a week ago we went for some sightseeing in Copenhagen and omg Copenhagen is really beautiful. I was really fascinated by the architecture I got to see. I also realized there’s so much I wanna see in Copenhagen now. My favorite places was first of all; there was this beautiful apartment (I’ll show you!). Then also I got to see the National Museum, The Little Mermaid but another favorite of mine was that he showed us world’s 5th best restaurant!!  :-O I didn’t even know the 5th best restaurant was in Denmark until now -.-* I really wanted to go there, but that will be another time since we did not have time. Then another favorite place was The Royal Library! I really want to see how it is inside!

Here are some photos from our sightseeing:

 photo SAM_3424_zpssvoheu7r.jpg
 photo SAM_3426_zpskoiot1ez.jpg
 photo SAM_3430_zps7vyhv1vh.jpg
 photo SAM_3434_zps8oprdmb3.jpg
 photo SAM_3438_zpszxqizedf.jpg
 photo SAM_3440_zpssw6hocwf.jpg
 photo SAM_3447_zpsztur5vw1.jpg
 photo SAM_3450_zpsds81kstt.jpg
Here it is; The world’s fifth best restaurant:
 photo SAM_3454_zpsdk4t6exi.jpg
 photo SAM_3455_zpss8rq4jqb.jpg
 photo SAM_3457_zpstt2tiw8d.jpg
This apartment though: *Wanna live there* have a look:
 photo SAM_3461_zpspv6sdqeb.jpg
 photo SAM_3462_zpscsd7lsra.jpg
 photo SAM_3463_zps5gnsk82y.jpg
 photo SAM_3466_zpssrmc35gq.jpg
 photo SAM_3472_zpsefkqegid.jpg
 photo SAM_3485_zpsgt2eao7w.jpg
 photo SAM_3516_zpsuxykxowu.jpg
 photo SAM_3517_zpst9mx8hco.jpg
 photo SAM_3526_zpsyzdx9xio.jpg
The Royal Library:
 photo SAM_3536_zpswat6we6n.jpg
 photo SAM_3538_zpsfbf6jyvy.jpg
We saw a lot more than this, but the pictures wasn’t that good, so I felt like these are the ones that are “okay” to post. Hope you guys liked it. I’ll see you in another post! <3 ^_^
Take Care <3 

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