When in doubt, go to the Library


Top: Moss Copenhagen // Pants: Zara // Boots: H&M

Photo credit: Thami

Thami and I went to the library the other day after hanging out and omg I just loved hanging there. It reminded me of old times… It reminded me of the time back then when I was hanging out at the library (especially in the music section) and the “chick flick books” or whatever you call it :P It gave me peace and the library always inspired and motivated me to read more and I found a lot of new music as well. I loved chilling there.

Back then there was no Spotify or anything so I would go borrow a bunch of CDs and I had a blue CD player in my room that I got for my birthday from my parents that I would listen to it on and dance around. Good times… It’s over 10 years ago now… it’s crazy… It was one of the best moments of my teenage-years actually. I was hanging there often back then. I would force my sister to come with me because I didn’t wanted to go alone, I remember she hated it so much xD Miss those times.. <3


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