This Week’s Challenge & My Monthly Challenge

Hello guys!
As you guys might know I give myself some challenges every week. It can be from not using social media, to doing meditation, or waking up early or eating healthier. It can be all kind of things. It all depends on what I feel for and what I need to do to get a better lifestyle.
I do have a monthly challenge and a generel challenge too beside the weekly challenges now and I thought I would share them all with you. That might motivate me to hold on to them and also that might motivate and inspire you guys :)
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A generel challenge that I have with a friend of mine is to not drink any soda in the weekdays. This means that I can drink soda Friday to Sunday. I’ve been doing this challenge for about three weeks now and I love this challenge. Now even in the weekends I sometimes prefer water instead of soda. That is so not me but it’s healthy and my skin looks healthier!
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The monthly challenge for April is to not eat chocolate in the weekdays. I gotta admit I thought this would be so easy but it’s the hardest thing ever. I just realized that I really do eat a lot of chocolate than what I thought -.- Cause not eating chocolate in my weekdays is still a huge struggle but I’m doing my best to hold on to the challenge xD
You know the worse part is that when I finally could eat chocolate this weekend I got sick so I can’t taste the chocolate -.- so there is no point in eating the chocolate -.-‘ *sigh*
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This week is easter holiday which means I have a few plans with friends and my parents too so I have to make a challenge that I can keep. Cause I can’t plan to sleep early that’s not realistic compared to my plans and also I would love to update you guys on social media about what I’m doing this easter. I already have food challenges and I can’t workout everyday cause I’m not going to be at my own place that much this week -.- This means the challenges are going to be more simple than usual.. Oh I know! It’s going to be work-related challenge then: I have to finish off all deadlines for my work and also for my project through this week 100 %. So this week the focus is not on food or social media or lifestyle but my work and education! This means no matter where I am (at my parents’s or at my friends’s place) I have to work at least 2-3 hours or study 2-3 hours everyday!
That’s it for now guys! Take Care <3



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