WaterMelonLove <3

Hello Everyone! <3 ^_^

Let’s get straight into business: I’m very picky when it comes to fruits and veggies and sometimes I need to force myself to eat it just because it’s healthy. That’s why I’m figuring out ways to eat healthy food while having fun with it! :)

One of the healthy fruits I really enjoy eating is WATERMELON! :-D It’s refreshing and tastes AMAZING :D So now let me tell you WHY you should eat WATERMELON too:

  1. It’s naturally low-fat
  2. It reduces your body fat
  3. It makes your immun-system better
  4. Watermelon contains Vitamin A which makes your eyes healthier, skin healthier and teeth healthier too!
  5. It’s very hydrating since it contains up to 92 % water
  6. It’s also good for your hair growth and keeps your hair healthy as well!






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