Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

Hi guys! 
I’m “trying” to keep the posts short and I’ll probably make most of the posts “photography-based” or something ^_^” 
Anyways.. The trip to Botswana has been amazing. I miss it already. I came home yesterday and I’ve been sleeping all day since yesterday until now. I miss our family back there, it was so relaxing being there compared to my everyday-life here which mostly is stressful and exhausting. The trip was kind of a getaway from the daily routine which felt amazing. It also felt amazing to spend time with family.! They were amazing, miss them already <3 :'( I think the best thing of the whole trip was to get to know our family better and bonding with family members. I also got a better insight of how mom and dad used to live back in the days. I got to see a picture of our grandfather for the first time, cause dad didn’t have any pictures over here. Anyways.. a lot happened, and I could keep on blabbering about a bunch of stuff but I should stop here. ;) Today’s pictures are when we were out to eat Sushi at a restaurant called Ocean Basket: 

 photo SAM_2181_zpsmn08z08v.jpg
 photo SAM_2183_zpsv5jzremc.jpg
 photo SAM_2185_zpsht80lk7v.jpg
 photo SAM_2186_zpsznw3wxjm.jpg
 photo SAM_2191_zpsbvc5pb7i.jpg
 photo SAM_2192_zpspnerfrjw.jpg
 photo SAM_2193_zps0po96x5k.jpg
 photo SAM_2201_zpsg5rbm5xx.jpg
 photo SAM_2202_zps4nt0eq1s.jpg
 photo SAM_2203_zpsrcoyspn2.jpg
 photo SAM_2205_zpsm6y8rt6d.jpg
 photo SAM_2206_zpspstlntu0.jpg
 photo SAM_2210_zpsuk2rvxwt.jpg
 photo SAM_2213_zpsjbhfunyp.jpg
 photo SAM_2216_zpsfwhzg0yq.jpg
 photo SAM_2217_zpsbbnsze98.jpg
 photo SAM_2220_zpsf8d1wfwo.jpg
 photo SAM_2221_zpsiggt0rmm.jpg

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