Totally Random Shopping


So I was at a totally random shopping with Delany a week ago and this is kinda what I got to buy! :D <3

I’ve been addicted to BABY LIPS Lip Balm! Right now I’m using the Orange one; CHERRY! And I just had to buy some others as well. The cherry one gives a red color, but these I’ve bought this time is a nude color and the other two has no color at all :D

Since it was exam time I needed to chill so I bought myself some Ben&Jerry and otherwise I really had to buy the ANGRYBIRD SODA just because of the ANGRY BIRD packaging XD Another thing I also wanted to try was a new tooth paste Oral-B. To be honest: only because I saw Shakira on the packaging XD  But yeah let’s see if my teeth are getting whiten :P

Anyways guys… this was totally random. Life is good and I’m just focusing on studies, exams and hanging with some friends. Otherwise I’m also kinda focusing on myself and working on some lifestyle stuff which I’m probably gonna write more about on my blog when I have time and feel for it later :D

Have to get back to the studies now! Taataaa! ^_^ <3



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