The Oscars 2015 | 87th Academy Awards

Hello Everyone <3 O-M-G! Did you guys see the dresses from The Oscars 2015?! XD There are some amazing looks and I thought I would share my faves with you guys! I have a TOP 5 first, and then some extra looks from the OSCAR 2015 :D Let’s get started! :D My FAVES:

1.ANNE KENDRICK is definitely my FAVORITE look! I love her dress: So simple yet beautiful. The color is perfect! And I love the silver neck-detail with the plain dress! Anna Kendrick

2. EMMA STONE looks stunning in this dress! The color is really pretty and her makeup is perfect for the dress! I’m surprised that I love her look actually cause I prefer simple and plain but Emma Stone is definitely pulling this dress of! Even though it’s so detailed I don’t think it looks “over-the-top”! <3 Loove love <3 !
Emma Stone_2

JAMIE CHUNG is so pretty in this dress! I’m not really that into “nude-ish-style” BUT BUT BUT this one though <3 <3 Love Love <3
Jamie Chung

JENNA DEWAN TATUM: Omg! White dresses in general are so beautiful! This one is really elegant. I love the details on this dress : Jenna Dewan Tatum

ZENDAYA: White and Simple <3! I love how simple this dress is! And It’s perfect that she just added a simple bracelet to the look. I love that she decided to keep the neck-area empty. <3 Zendaya

Those were my faves! Now to some more beautiful looks:


Reese Witherspoon


Scarlett Johansson


Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Lopez

RITA ORA: Rita Ora

DAKOTA JOHNSON: Dakota Johnson



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