Strawberrry & Apple Smoothie

 photo IMG_4556_zps0ixwd9m3.jpg
Hello guys! 
As I’m working towards a little healthier lifestyle, I’ve been trying out different smoothies for breakfast and this one is one of my favorites. I just mixed one apple, some strawberries, raspberries, honey and ice cubes
and it is so good. I haven’t measured how much I added. I was actually just kinda experimenting. You can also add some yogurt but I preferred not to ;) 
   photo IMG_4527_zpstgceljzz.jpg
 photo IMG_4530_zpsnmirck5o.jpg
 photo IMG_4534_zps8hrjjfio.jpg
 photo IMG_4542_zps0jiyozhq.jpg
 photo IMG_4563_zpsfvm9lbim.jpg
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 photo IMG_4560_zpsmghmlowy.jpg

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