Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before and it said…

Hello Everyone! :D

I’ve been sick for weeks now and I finally feel a lot better :-D And that just means I have energy enough to study for my exams! -_-‘ But yeah let’s not talk about that..

Even though I am a uni student.. I do make time to relax and chill with friends so I thought I would share some moments with you guys ^_^ <3

Well… Being sick I started watching The Vampire Diaries. I tried to watch this last year but it didn’t really catch my attention but this time… OMG… I really enjoy watching this series! XD Since the exams are coming up I mostly watch when I eat and before sleep :-P Tadaaa:

Billede 23-05-15 12.52.32

So while my friend was craving frappucino I had to manage with some Tea with ginger from Starbucks since I was sick :-P have a look:

Billede 22-05-15 16.18.18

Ok so I’m not the huge artistic kind of girl BUT Thannu and I decided this weekend to paint. So we randomly bought some painting canvas and took my sister’s paint! XD I gotta admit she wasn’t that happy with us using her paint since we had no idea what we were doing but we had so much fun! :D Now to our “art”:

Billede 24-05-15 00.32.48

Billede 24-05-15 00.33.08

I FINALLY got to chill with Theenu also…! Since we live in totally different cities we have had some struggle finding time for each other but we finally got to hang out! And it was so good! <3

Billede 24-05-15 15.55.57

OMG! GUYS! So Thannu and I was bored and decided to do something “spontaneous”. But there isn’t much to do in Herning that we haven’t tried… so we decided to get mani- and pedicure! Billede 24-05-15 20.14.25

Billede 24-05-15 17.45.21

Billede 24-05-15 17.45.52

Sissy and I to a tamil party:

Billede 24-05-15 17.46.41

Theenuuuuu <3 : Billede 24-05-15 17.47.29

Selfie of course: My tamil tradition makeup look and outfit: Billede 24-05-15 17.48.06

Billede 24-05-15 17.50.14 Billede 24-05-15 17.50.34 Billede 24-05-15 17.50.59

Random selfie: Billede 24-05-15 17.55.20

Billede 24-05-15 17.56.04

Random selfie: Billede 24-05-15 18.00.16

That’s it for now guys! I should get some sleep so I can study hard again tomorrow -_-* (I can’t wait till these exams are over!!) Anyways.. Take care! Luv u all! <3 ^_^ And good night ^_^


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