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Hello dear readers <3

My little update for you today is a “Life lately”-post from last month. As the temperature is falling slowly don’t forget to enjoy the last rays of sunshine. We sure did when we decided to take a trip to the Danish theme park, Djurssommerland. With work, studies and the geographical distance it gets hard to meet up with everyone as often as we did when I lived at campus, and even though not all of us were able to go, this little trip was needed. Exactly a year after our wedding we got together and had a day of plain fun :D

Here are some of the shots from the day :D

 photo IMG_6663_zpsevfo99v8.jpg

 photo IMG_6647_zps8uctvi3y.jpg

 photo IMG_6823_zpsjzbimuzd.jpg

 photo IMG_6825_zpsfohdy0n3.jpg

 photo IMG_6842_zps6x2gtl2c.jpg

 photo IMG_6843_zpsjgp3tyzb.jpg

 photo IMG_6848_zpszrgbnihf.jpg

 photo IMG_6847_zpsxfckdjsr.jpg

 photo IMG_6852_zpsk4xv3isl.jpg

 photo IMG_6861_zpsqeqedzid.jpg

 photo IMG_6866_zpsdfmvbcuf.jpg

 photo IMG_6914_zpsluyjlbck.jpg

 photo IMG_6837_zpsm7cjypo7.jpg



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