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I’ve been sick the last couple of days and I went to the doctor and got confirmed that I have sinusitis -_- I got penicillin and two different nasal sprays -_-‘ But that doesn’t mean I’ve been laying in my bed all day cause I have to finish off 3 assignments AND a project so there’s no time for relaxing 100 %. I couldn’t sleep the other day so I put on a movie. A bollywood movie actually. It’s called QUEEN. And I felt SO good after watching it! It’s such an inspiring movie! I LOVED it! And just because of that movie I think I might have a little girl crush on Kangana Ranaut  XD I usually dont do movie review BUT this movie is AMAZING. So now let me tell you what it’s about:

It’s about a girl, Rani (her name means QUEEN btw) who is going to get married! They fell in love and everything seemed kinda perfect so yeah why not marry? :P BUT two days before the marriage her fiancé says that he doesn’t wanna marry her. She breaks down and she begs him to marry her since she doesn’t know what to tell her parents etc.. (Since it’s a Bollywood movie, a cancelled marriage will not only break the girl but the whole family and people will talk and then there’s culture and so on.) Anyhow… Rani always wanted to go to Paris. That was her biggest dream and the sad part is that they had planned to go to Paris and Amsterdam on their honeymoon. But that didn’t stop Rani for chasing her dream; Yeah… Rani decides to go on her honeymoon; To Paris all by herself! And then the movie gets interesting :P She sees another side of the world, she meets new people, new culture, and everything is just new for her.

What I love about this movie is her life falls apart BUT she manages to get going with life and she manages to be HAPPY and have this positive attitude! She is herself all the way even though she does try out new things. She might have started off being depressed and sad but it didn’t hold her back to enjoy the small things in life and find happiness yet again. Most importantly she find happiness through a lot of different people, culture, places and in just anything. Another lovely thing about the movie is she could have been so pissed off with her fiancé but at the end of the movie she says THANK YOU. Cause she wouldn’t have gone through those amazing journeys without him being “a douchebag” anyways (Classy huh?)  :P The movie really made my day! :D That positive attitude and that confidence of just being herself in a world that tries to change you! XD

I’ve been on tumblr like crazy to find some awesome shots from the movie xD Have a look:

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Rani & Vijay (Her new friend from Paris) <3 :D

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And hats off to Kangana Ranaut who played the role SO good!! She’s so talented! Gotta say! AMAZING performance! :D <3


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