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Hi guys!
I’ve got to try out some new food in Tanzania which was awesome! Usually I always stick to what I know I like but this time was different. Since the others also wanted to try out different dishes and drinks I thought why not also try something new. We were at a restaurant with a beautiful view to the ocean. Again I love the nature over there. It’s so beautiful and peaceful! But now let’s talk about the food. I ordered a chicken curry and rice and you know what? It really tasted like Tamil food! I was so surprised. It was good. Really good! But it did taste like eating my mom’s food as well which is funny because I didn’t expect that at all. They also had “sappathi” and “Briyani” (I hope I spelled it right), as Tanzanian food. But yeah, the food was good, the view was amazing and also I usually do order coca cola for the most part but I ended up trying different juices over there. And I realized I really enjoy mango juice! It’s delicious! Now to the pictures :P


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