Productive Kinda Weekend

Hello guys!
I have some shots from my last weekend that I thought I would share with you guys today. I did vlog this weekend but it will first be up on the youtube channel later since I have some other videos I want to edit before this one. This weekend was productive and chill at the same time. I got to spend time with my family and I got to decorate a little for christmas and then I also got to study and work on the blog. I really liked that I had a weekend for myself without any plans so that I could catch up on studies, blog and youtube. 
December is going to be hectic because of exams and deadlines. I have about 5 deadlines, all most at the same time, so I’m doing my best to finish everything off right now.
 photo IMG_4876_zpsxgw6xo22.jpg photo IMG_4872_zpslkhz9zj6.jpg photo IMG_4676_zpsw8vqxds5.jpg
 photo IMG_4667_zpssl5jjqs3.jpg
 photo IMG_4660_zps7t1lpnrf.jpg
 photo IMG_4659_zpsdzrtaabz.jpg
 photo IMG_4655_zpsf4jrmt8t.jpg
 photo IMG_4648_zps4u8099q4.jpg
 photo IMG_4647_zpsscmjc8bv.jpg
 photo IMG_4638_zpsbqdzi68n.jpg
 photo IMG_4632_zps9hdb3rfj.jpg
 photo IMG_4631_zpsix0lkshi.jpg
 photo IMG_4627_zpsf8ifpod6.jpg
 photo IMG_4605_zps0h9n2p66.jpg
Late night tea:
 photo IMG_4622_zpslhluoums.jpg

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