Photoshoot with BeautyByDK

Hello guys! 
I’ve got something different for you guys today. In the previous blogpost I did quickly mention this actually but I had the pleasure of modeling for the talented makeup artist BeautyByDK last month and the pictures are finally here! This was such a great, fun and exciting experience. Most of the time when blogging I just take pictures of myself by myself. There have been a few times where I got some of my friends to take the photos but mostly I do it myself. This time I got to work with a really talented makeup artist BeautyByDK and two talented photographers from V&V Creative Images. We were two girls modeling for BeautyByDK and is was such a good experience. I was a little anxious at first because it was the first time I’ve tried modeling like this but the makeup artist, Deji, the photographers and the other model Anuja was all amazing and we had a great time! And now to the results of the photoshoot:
 photo Deji 10_zpsuvvvmoaz.jpg
 photo Deji 21_zpspigrkbzn.jpg
 photo Deji 19_zps3sy25pjg.jpg
 photo Deji 2_zpsbmdmazqi.jpg
 photo Deji 4_zpsdgi5n8vg.jpg
 photo Deji 3_zpsckovty97.jpg
 photo Deji 17_zpsohksvuhw.jpg
 photo Deji 15_zps2xrbwksl.jpg
 photo Deji 18_zpsxjjdgqhb.jpg
 photo Deji 16_zpsxshv133d.jpg
 photo Deji 1-1_zps4tsdhj6z.jpg
 photo Deji 11_zpsjclzgpld.jpg
 photo Deji 12_zps9zmofaql.jpg
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