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Hi guys!

I’ve got yet another outfit post for you guys today! It’s kinda the same as the one I posted for two weeks ago, the top is just different but also from ZARA. Even though the look is the same, the top does make a difference. The other one was a white top while this is a blue one. I love wearing this outfit; It’s so comfortable and I’m just happy to not wear jeans. At the moment I prefer dresses and skirts so that I dont need to wear jeans that are too tight :-P

When I wore this look with the white top I preferred the top inside of my skirt but with this blue one I actually like the top outside of my skirt; it makes the top look like a dress, but I really love it that way. I tried wearing it with my ballerinas to make the look a little bit more “pretty/girly” and then also with my usual adidas sneakers to make it more laid back and chill :)

Top: ZARA // Skirt: ZARA // Shoes: H&M // Shoes: Adidas Original

 photo IMG_9908_zpsfakyvbfq.jpg
 photo IMG_9924_zpsb2bzzr6b.jpg
 photo IMG_9926_zpshshltc76.jpg
 photo IMG_9927_zpsxgbvvtwc.jpg
 photo IMG_9933_zpslobgov6w.jpg
 photo IMG_9950_zpsuoj1xlym.jpg
 photo IMG_9961_zps8bwftsu0.jpg
 photo IMG_9984_zpskcljaj5i.jpg
 photo IMG_9989_zpsdf0h5utw.jpg
 photo IMG_0014_zpsq8ydtotr.jpg
 photo IMG_0016_zpsbiidqlwi.jpg
 photo IMG_0018_zpsspohbbsz.jpg
 photo IMG_0019_zps8mhe43xv.jpg
 photo IMG_0030_zps7hs4xnsq.jpg
 photo IMG_0047_zpssurnofzm.jpg
 photo IMG_0051_zpsoon3gakx.jpg

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