Prayin’ To Catch You Whispering

Hello guys!

I bought this amazing “coat” from H&M the other day and I wanted to try it out immediately. It’s very lady-ish, and I love it! I love the colors, the pattern, everything about it. And it feels so good to wear as well! :) Have a look:

 photo IMG_0807_zpselfpxa7f.jpg
 photo IMG_0792_zpss0fl6v9v.jpg
 photo IMG_0795_zpsdi9jbygw.jpg
 photo IMG_0783_zpsdgccvtde.jpg
 photo IMG_0797_zps8zrdflbp.jpg
 photo IMG_0754_zps95ly12ty.jpg
And that’s it for today guys! Gotta get back to studying :-P
Take care!

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