Hello guys!
A few weeks ago I got to say goodbye to my apartment in Odense. After giving the keys and getting the apartment checked I got to meet up with my friends for dinner and drinks. It was kinda sad to say goodbye to the apartment. It was 6 years of my life. I love Odense and I thought I would stay in Odense for some more time. My life in Odense has been one of the most important chapters in my life and I have some amazing beautiful memories from there that I’m going to take with me wherever I go. I have learned and grown so much there and I love everything about my years in Odense and I’m cool with moving on and now start my life in another new city, all over and create more beautiful memories and grow more into the person I want to be! I love this process of finding or becoming who I am and I’m trying to embrace it as much as I can.


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