Odense City Gettin’ Lit Up

Hello Guys <3

This weekend we went to Odense City to see the big christmas tree getting lit up. It felt so good! I mean I was freezing like I dont know what but it was worth it at the very end. It was amazing to watch the whole Odense City light up. I’m already feeling the christmas spirit and I can’t wait for christmas and just to celebrate every single day in December ^_^ <3

 photo IMG_4431_zpshpzbwodf.jpg

Waiting for the tree to getting lighten up:
 photo IMG_4443_zpsudgbdcot.jpg

 photo IMG_4447_zpskvvmajcy.jpg

Aaaaaand here we go:
 photo IMG_4452_zpskz0lddor.jpg
 photo IMG_4456_zpsbokzskkz.jpg
 photo IMG_4458_zpsqolt7cus.jpg
 photo IMG_4462_zpslkdbb6yv.jpg
 photo IMG_4475_zpswaax8ay7.jpg

 photo IMG_4481_zpsbhhkjbxy.jpg
 photo IMG_4496_zpsvs9ohvxs.jpg
 photo IMG_4542_zpsqomrvsun.jpg

 photo IMG_4537_zpswcxxu2fg.jpg
 photo IMG_4535_zpscvfsa6tc.jpg
 photo IMG_4526_zpsfeimrcut.jpg
 photo IMG_4519_zpsz7acu6av.jpg

 photo IMG_4508_zpssettz8z6.jpg
 photo IMG_4500_zpsvem2cmoj.jpg

Hope you’re all excited for christmas too cause I sure am!! ^_^ <3 Take Care!


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