New Year 2018

Hello guys! 
I’m still not over the fact that it is 2018 and I’m not done “preparing” my mind for some “new year new me” related stuff. Since I currently have exams my focus has only been on doing well on the exams so there are a lot of other lifestyle-related goals that I really want to work on but haven’t started on yet.  The exams so far have been going well and I’ve been studying harder than ever since starting the masters. My lifestyle has been really bad though. I haven’t been eating healthy and properly and I haven’t been working out either. Also I haven’t got enough sleep. It is still something I’m working on but it is a challenge since 24 hours are not enough on a day to study hard, cook and workout and also blog and youtube I feel like. So I’m taking it one step at a time: first I want to do well in the exams. Then I want to workout properly and eat healthy and get enough sleep daily. Anyways, the point with today’s blogpost is actually to show you guys some photos I took on New Years Eve. The quality is bad after editing the photos and I dont know why so I have to figure that out, but I still wanted to show you: 
 photo IMG_3084_zpsc3jrxxf6.jpg
 photo IMG_3072_zps45sslpah.jpg
 photo IMG_3071_zpsxeujrzjd.jpg
 photo IMG_3078_zpsh4mmkpeq.jpg
 photo IMG_3079_zpstkfd7gqb.jpg
 photo IMG_3081_zpsffb03mfa.jpg
 photo IMG_3080_zps4vtfel3a.jpg
 photo IMG_3082_zpsdtsinrzt.jpg

 photo IMG_3087_zpsqdk5fegp.jpg
 photo IMG_3089_zpsxfx0z0up.jpg
 photo IMG_3088_zpsppt2ojq7.jpg
 photo IMG_3092_zpsg04noknu.jpg
 photo IMG_3094_zpsztdyawcp.jpg
 photo IMG_3104_zps6a9tdr9t.jpg


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