New Fragrances Review: WonderStruck & Juicy Couture

Hi Everyone <3 :D

I thought it was time to try out new fragrances so I got these two fragrances:

  • WonderStruck by Taylor Swift: I like this one BUT I tried Taylor Swift’s other perfume named Taylor Swift which is one of my all time favorite! And I gotta say this one is not one of my favorit and a must like the other Taylor Swift perfume! That one is just AMAZING! But I love the smell of it and it’s good, just not as much as her newer one: Taylor Swift by Taylor Swift. But I do not regret trying it out! :D <3
  • Juicy Couture: I’ve always wanted to try Juicy Couture fragrances because their fragrance coverages are so beautiful and fancy and girly! XD And I finally got to try it out! The one I got is very neutral but not really my taste. I think it’s because I love girly and sweet smell (candy-ish) and this one is more neutral. But it’s definitely one I can use whenever I feel like smelling less candy-ish :P So I don’t regret buying it at all ;) But not one of my favorits though. I can’t wait to try out some of their other fragrances! :D






If you LOVE neutral smells that is not too girly then this Juicy Couture is definitely one for you. If you like something more girly and sweet then you should try out Taylor Swift instead ;)



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