About Mycafe101

Hello Everyone <3

What a delight to welcome you to our blog, MyCafe101! The blog is about everything we love in life from food, clothing, products to whatever we feel like! We share our happiest moments in life and what makes us happy in life.

Who are we? We are two girls who were born and raised in Denmark. Since our parents have been childhood friends we’ve known each other since we were born. This gave us the opportunity to develop a very unique friendship and we count ourselves blessed to have each other. One of the things we have in common is our perspective on life. We believe that life should be lived. Enjoy every moment. Don’t be afraid to open up. Be generous. Be kind. Embrace who you are. Meet people. Make friends. Be open to the unknown. Explore. Go on adventures. Be spontaneous. Break the pattern. All in all – Live. Love. Laugh.

We hope to inspire and motivate you guys to see how beautiful life is too <3

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