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As you might have noticed from my previous posts I’ve moved to my very first OWN apartment almost a month ago!! :D It has been very exciting and a whole new experience for me!! :D but yeah…to the point… xD I’ve been decorating and trying to organize my stuff. I actually don’t have much over here right now. I didn’t wanted to bring everything from my “home”, back in the other city where I live with my family, to here where I study, cause I still go to my family’s place in the weekends and I wanna feel like “home” when I’m “home”. Ok this sounds a little complicated and weird but I hope you guys know what I mean -_-‘

But yeah to the decorating/organizing -part again. So I tried to decorate and organize the few things I have over here and it turned out to look like this:

2014-02-02 19.33.20

Tadaaa.. well yeah the shelf has four more spaces.. but I haven’t really organized much more than this, since I don’t have much stuff over here. But the last shelves would probably be for my school stuff like; books, notebooks, maps and other random stuff ;) But let’s look a little closer:

2014-02-02 19.33.07

I got the mug from a friend of mine and I’m in love with the text! It’s motivating and inspiring! Actually this “shelf-part”  refers to my blogging. I wanna write down my ideas in the “BIG”-notebook and the camera is the one I use to take pictures beside my phone of course :P So this is “My blogging-motivation-reminder-area” I would say :)

2014-02-02 19.32.52

This one does kinda look like my “blogging-reminder-area” as well in some ways BUT this area is a little random. I bought this frame that says “Go wherever the wind takes you”, because it keeps on reminding me to take chances and not hold back, which i need since I’m the kind of person who holds back a lot and I’m terrified to take chances lately so it’s a reminder too to keep my eyes and heart OPEN! :P The camera is a christmas gift I got from my sister!! <3 And it’s a REAL camera! It’s a “Lomography Diana Mini Camera” from Urban Outfitters!! And I LOOOVE it BUT I still haven’t tried the camera yet. Can’t wait to try it though! But I need to buy a film roll first :P. The Britney Spears fragrance in the background is just a little extra touch since it’s a blue themed area; like the frame and my camera! xD And I love that fragrance, so why not put it there anyways :P


This little area is very simple and nothing really “reminder-ish” BUT I love it anyways :P I’ve got an addiction to gold accessories lately, so I wanted to store only some gold accessories here. I think it looks a little classy and simple :)

Anyways I can’t wait to do some more organizing and decorating in my apartment :D I’ll see what I can come up with xD

Take Care!


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