May Favorites

Hello everyone!

May is over and I gotta say it has been hectic. June is probably going to be more hectic because of all the exams and work that has to be done ^^ But I do have some favorites I wanna share with you guys. These are the products I’ve used the most this month and most of them are products I’ve shared with you guys before on the blog ^_^

My favorites at the moment:

 photo IMG_9805_zpslk4vbs4w.jpg

So first… let me start of with “non-beauty”-related stuff: The book Girl Online and the Marshall headphones! I got to buy the book Girl Online written by Zoella who is a youtuber (She’s awesome btw!). I’ve wanted to buy this book for so long, since it’s about a girl who starts her own blog anonymously, so no one really knows who she is. I’m not finished with the book at all, almost just started but it has been a joy reading the book this month :D

The Marshall headphones on the other hand.. I bought them because I kinda broke my other headphones and these were ones I’ve wanted for a long time because I love the design. The design is really pretty and I love it but the sound-quality is not the best. It’s something you can buy if you prioritize design more than sound-quality of course. But if the sound quality is more important to you.. then I wouldn’t say you should buy it :) It’s in my favorites because I love the design and I really missed some headphones xD
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Now to the beauty products: I’m in love with nail polishes from Maybelline; Especially the peach colors have been a fave of mine at the moment.  You guys know this but I in generel love the Kate Moss lipstick-collection from Rimmel, and they are my all time favorites and this month I’ve used those lipsticks a lot!

I got to try out a Loreal mascara that I fell in love with as well. I always stick to maybelline mascaras cause they are cheap and they fill the eyelashes really good. Then I started using gosh because it made my eyelashes less clumsy. Now I tried a Loreal mascara which do tend to look clumsy at times but it gives so much more volume compared to the Gosh one! It only gets clumsy if I put on mascara in a rush, so I decided this month to only wear it when I do have the time to apply it properly :-P

 photo IMG_9809_zpsrtsep2ft.jpg

Omg.. I’m blabbering like crazy ! I’ll make the last three quick! The handcreme from Victoria”s Secret is just amazing. I got it from a friend of mine and I love it. It is so soft and smooth and smells so good! The MAC highlighter is an all time favorite that I used a lot this month! It just gives your skin the perfect glow! Then at last but not least a lipgloss from INK Dennis Knudsen! Omg! I love that lipgloss! It’s such a neutral color and it makes the whole look more glamorous. I actually thought that I prefer “matte-lipstick-look” but now I can’t decide if I prefer glossy-look or matte-look! (Yeah I know… totally “life struggle”..)

Anyways guys.. I think I should let go of you now and also I should be preparing for my exams right now.. So gotta go :-D Bye! Take Care <3
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