MakeUp On Daily Basis

I thought it was time for a “beauty-make-up-post” :P So I’m gonna share with you guys what I use for makeup on a daily basis when I decide to wear makeup. I’m actually mostly also wearing this for parties and stuff; I would maybe add eyeliner but otherwise it’s quite the same. I’m not that into eyeshadow and colors but I might experiment with that some time :P But I mostly do like to keep it simple (but that might change, who knows  :P ) Anyways these are the products I’ve used for my look:

  • MAC foundation
  • MAC concealer
  • Blush from The Body Shop
  • Baby Lips Lip Balm
  • Rimmel Mascara
  • Wet n Wild eyebrow set

The look:



Instaposts (+WITH Filter :P)

tumblr_n9wommHPXW1snejwdo1_500 tumblr_na7vflsdtr1snejwdo1_500


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