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I’ve kinda been working HARD on some blogging-stuff lately and a lot of posts are almost ready!! :D I’ve been experimenting a lot and I have no idea if the posts are gonna be great but it feels good to work this hard :P Anyways.. beside my “blogging-life” there is a study I have to take care of :P  I try to keep myself on track so I make sure to study hard and work for my goals! :D I haven’t been able to go to school the last few days and I couldn’t train either… in other words I actually couldn’t WALK properly the last 3-4 days -_-‘ I got an infection in my foot, so I had to study at home and I have kinda been locked up in my apartment for almost 5 days now (feels like forever)  (Oh! And that is also the reason behind all the insta-spam btw in case you wondered… but thinking of it…not that I don’t spam my insta otherwise xD *no life*)

But I just wanted to share with you guys some totally random moments from the last week. It’s not something totally over exciting but have a look :P


That’s is me trying to be healthy :P







Struggling with my foot! And getting some help from Delany <3 :D


Ok, so first of all I WISH this was mine but it’s NOT :P I borrowed it from my friend Delany! And I’ve been watching FRIENDS since I got it and it’s becoming my new addiction. To be honest (you are gonna hate me for saying this but) I was never interested in FRIENDS but Delany said I should give it a chance and I did. And now I’m ADDICTED! I LOOOOOOOVE this series!!! It makes my life SOOOOO much better! :D And I can’t believe that I never gave this a chance -_- SAMSUNG CSC



This is what I got for now so now I’m gonna get some sleep! *getting late* ^_^  Hope you all had a great weekend! Good night & Sweet Dreams <3 ^_^



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